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Ross Shafer

Keynote Speaker, 6 – time Emmy Award, TV host, Author, Writer, Comedian

Sheila Jagannathan

Global Head, Capacity Building and Digital Learning
World Bank

Ashish Mathew Cherian

Director of global sales

Maggie Smith

National LMS Architect
FirstService Residential

Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

Lead eLearning Evangelist

Paul Wilson

eLearning Designer, Developer, Adobe Captivate Teacher
Public Speaker and Trainer

Sarah Mercier

Learning Ninjas

Alistair Lee

Senior Product Enablement Manager
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Agenda details

21 September, 2021

Game Design Workshop: A complete guide to designing fun eLearning games

09:30 PM - 11:21 PM
By Damien Bruyndonckx

People learn best when they have fun! This is something teachers and instructors have known for thousands of years, which is why games are one of the oldest and most effective learning strategies known to mankind. Therefore, the ability to develop meaningful eLearning games is a must for all eLearning developers.

In this session, you will cover some of the most common game design elements and learn how to implement them with Adobe Captivate 2019 by building simple eLearning games from scratch. Game design elements covered in this session include

  • Setting up a scoring system to keep track of the scores using variables and advanced actions
  • Setting up random elements using JavaScript.
  • Extensive coverage of the drag and drop interaction (a learner favorite).
  • creation of advanced interactions with custom states.
  • And more.

By the end of this workshop, you will have reviewed the tools and techniques you'll need to include the most common game design elements in your own Adobe Captivate 2019 projects.

Quiz and Knowledge Check Workshop: Discover & learn different kinds of assessment options

11:30 PM - 01:21 AM
By Joe Ganci

During this lively hands-on session, you will learn how to take advantage of the most important features of Captivate Quiz and Knowledge Check slides. When should you use them? When should you avoid them? Is there a way to create your own? Can you extend them? In this session, you will practice the following:

  • Creating bug-free quiz questions more easily using proven times-saving techniques
  • Enhancing quiz questions with very useful features that are very easy to miss
  • Formatting CSV and GIFT files correctly to import many questions quickly
  • Using Knowledge Checks to help learners pay attention and retain more of what they learn
  • Create truly Interactive Videos with the help of Knowledge Checks
  • Creating quiz questions in 360° videos and virtual reality

22 September, 2021

Virtual Reality Workshop - Making eLearning Courses Immersive

09:30 PM - 11:21 PM
By Wortimla RS

Virtual Reality is exciting! To your e-learning courses, it is what lemon zest is to key lime pie. It adds that suave layer of interest to our e-learning courses with zero complexity while creating it. If done right, it’s a sure-shot way of turning your courses from routine to memorable. The best part, you can always get it right! In this session, we will walk through:

Introduction to Virtual Reality
Recording/selecting 360 assets
Selecting the VR Device
Add 360° images and videos to VR courses
Add hotspots and quiz questions to VR courses
Create guided and exploratory VR experiences
Use the live device preview option for VR courses
Add 360° slides to other course types

Mobile responsive eLearning Workshop - Create Courses That Work Across Devices

11:30 PM - 01:21 AM
By Paul Wilson

Every day more people want to use their mobile devices for work, education, and entertainment. The demand for eLearning to be available on mobile devices continues to increase. Having the knowledge and skills to design and develop eLearning that works on a wide range of devices and screen sizes is becoming an essential skill for developers. In the future, eLearning design and development jobs will go to those who have these skills. In the competitive job market, you need these skills.

In this workshop, users will learn:
  1. The correct way to decide on your layouts so that your content arranges itself correctly on different sized devices.
  2. How to design and develop Fluid Box master slides to have Captivate do most of the work for you.
  3. to select the correct number of fluid boxes and what settings need to be applied to each fluid box to get the results you want.
  4. To have optional content, such as purely aesthetic elements, drop off when there is not enough room for them on smaller devices.
  5. How to fix question slides to have them work better for responsive design.
23 September, 2021

eLearning Storyboards Workshop - Writing Effective Storyboards

09:30 PM - 11:21 PM
By Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

Storyboarding is a vital step for building your eLearning courses. When created effectively, storyboards will help you define the course flow, make it easy for stakeholders to provide feedback, and smoothen the eLearning course creation process.

Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh to learn how to create a storyboard from start to end. During this workshop, you will learn about the best practices to write slide titles, on-screen text, instructional text, scenarios, interactions, animations, narration script, quiz questions, tech details, visual instructions, and so on. Also, be prepared to share some of your own best practices during this fun and interactive workshop!

Screencast and Application Simulation Workshop - Creating Effective Product Demos

11:30 PM - 01:21 AM
By Anastasia McCune

When creating training that shows how to do something in a software or an application, screenshots are useful, but video and simulations are more engaging and contextual! You need an easy way to capture the procedure, step by step.

  • Screencasts are where you record something happening on your screen, and the output is an .mp4 video.
  • Application Simulations can be more detailed, where the user can see and practice the steps by doing things like clicking and typing.
  • With Adobe Captivate, you can do both! In this workshop, you will:
  • See how to record and edit screencasts in video format that include your screen, your webcam, or both
  • See how to easily record application simulations
  • Discover the different types of application simulation modes and when to use them
  • Uncover best practices, tips and tricks to speed up and simplify your editing process
  • Export your work for use on the web or a learning management system
  • Join us to learn how to easily record your own awesome screencasts and application simulations!

    21 September, 2021

    JavaScript Workshop: Get started with Javascript in eLearning

    09:30 PM - 11:21 PM
    By Greg Stager

    Part A:
    • Hands-on review of several JavaScript commands.
    • We will work through several different commands to perform some simple tasks to see how they work
    • and to build up comfort levels with the use of JavaScript.
    • This will roughly follow the JavaScript Reference Guide

    Part B:
    • Hands-on creation of the addition math facts activity.
    • This will be created from scratch. The finished project will allow students 60 seconds to correctly answer as many addition problems as possible using random values from 1 to 15. The entire functionality of the activity will be done on a single slide using JavaScript concepts covered in the first part.
    • A walkthrough guide and image resources are also available.

    Visual Design Workshop: Photoshop essentials for eLearning

    11:30 PM - 01:21 AM
    By Phil Cowcill

    Visual Design can encompass a wide variety of disciplines. People will often discuss titles like graphic designer, user interface, user experience or even learning experience designer. In this session we will start by taking a holistic approach to visual design and define in more concrete terms what it means for you as an eLearning professional. This presentation will also show several examples that demonstrate solid visual design techniques.

    The next part of the workshop is geared to be hands-on. Here we will open Photoshop to learn some of the skills all eLearning creators need to know. You will also learn how to make some of the images discussed in the Visual Design presentation. This segment will explore selecting content, fixing flaws in images, accessing filters, and even working with true 3D within a Photoshop document. You will also be shown how to optimise images to be delivered over the web and displayed on mobile devices. Finally, we will explore some of the newest features in Photoshop that will not only enhance the images you make but significantly save you time.

    This complete workshop comes with sample Captivate files, assets used to create images and all the completed images that are taught. This workshop is geared for eLearning professionals of all levels and you’ll learn skills that can be applied immediately.

    22 September, 2021

    Multi-Module Branched Course Workshop - Guide to Scenarios and Branching

    09:30 PM - 11:21 PM
    By Kirsten Rourke

    In this session, Kirsten will cover:
    First level branching – The home button and jump to slide
    The illusion of branching – Triggering MSO’s
    What about responsive design? – what changes in your plan?
    Quick Start Projects
    Simple Branching and Forced Navigation with Keywords
    Intermediate/Advanced Branching with Advanced Actions
    Scenarios and Storytelling
    Branching and Consequences

    Creating Accessible eLearning with Adobe Captivate

    11:30 PM - 01:21 AM
    By Kevin Siegel

    During this hands-on session, you will learn how to:

    • Import PowerPoint presentations into Captivate
    • Import Voiceover audio to Captivate slides
    • Add Closed Captions
    • Add Keyboard Accessibility to Interactive Objects
    • Add Accessibility Text
    • Control Tab Sequences

    23 September, 2021

    Custom Interactions Workshop - Learn All About Shared and Advanced Actions

    09:30 PM - 11:21 PM
    By Lieve Weymeis

    In this hands-on workshop you will

    • manipulate system variables, create/user user defined variables and become comfortable with the dialog box for advanced and shared actions;
    • import shared actions to create variables, or use them as template for advanced actions;
    • create advanced actions using multiple decisions, IF conditions, While loops;
    • compare creation and use of shared actions with advanced actions
    • start building a Library with shared actions for use in future projects.

    Converting PPT & Videos to eLearning Workshop - Transform PPT and Classroom Videos to Interactive Courses

    11:30 PM - 01:21 AM
    By Anita Horsley

    In this Workshop you will learn:

    • How to import a PowerPoint presentation into Adobe Captivate
    • How to convert a PowerPoint presentation into interactive eLearning
    • How to import a video
    • How to convert a video into Interactive eLearning

    Best practices on using PP and Video

    22 September, 2021

    How to enable flipped learning for your sessions

    09:30 PM - 10:21 PM
    By Renaldo Lawrence

    In this session, Renaldo will cover:

    • Planning your work
    • Creating a storyboard
    • Creating a script
    • Deciding on the tools you will use
    • Creating your first lesson
    • Creating your first video
    • Testing the video and materials with students
    • Making corrections and retesting
    • Publishing lesson

    Learn to write effective scripts for voice-overs

    10:30 PM - 11:21 PM
    By Connie Malamed

    10+ Hacks with Adobe Captivate & the Creative Cloud

    11:30 PM - 12:21 AM
    By Mark Itskowitch

    Enhance your eLearning applications, get creative, and improve productivity by combining the power of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications with Adobe Captivate. This session will explore tips, tricks, and workflow ideas to enhance and spice up your eLearning applications.
    In this session you will learn:

    • Using workspaces to increase productivity
    • finding and using images from Adobe Stock
    • enhancing projects with Adobe Fonts
    • roundtrip editing, image enhancement, and quick asset exports with Adobe Photoshop
    • importing PSDs into Captivate
    • Roundtrip audio Editing with Adobe Audition
    • Roundtrip SVG edits and illustrations with Adobe Illustrator
    • Color correcting videos, and easy edits with Adobe Premiere
    • Creating vector Graphics and animation with Adobe Animate
    • importing an Animated Talking Character with Adobe Character Animator

    23 September, 2021

    How to grab students attention in a post-COVID scenario

    12:30 AM - 01:21 AM
    By Jane Bozarth

    In this session, Jane will share:

    • How have learner expectations changed?
    • What does this mean for our practice?
    • The most important strategy: focus less on how can I teach this and more on how can they learn it?

    How to create eLearning scenarios

    09:30 PM - 10:21 PM
    By Ray Jiminez

    There are traditional instruction types of scenarios and modern living and experience-based scenarios. The first one is about showing pathways to decisions and learning stories, conflicts, and choices, and consequences.

    The second one is about solving real-life work problems. The session will help you understand how to design scenarios that are both learning and problem-solving.

    Join the session and see demos, examples, and illustrations. Attend the sessions and get for free 7 Captivate 19 sources files for micro-scenarios and thinking tools.

    How to do eLearning project management

    10:30 PM - 11:21 PM
    By Lou Russell

    When you improve your capacity to manage projects, you affect a large part of your life. Our goal for you as you move through your projects has two parts:

    1. That you realize how much of your time is actually spent on project management, both at work and at home.
    2. That you learn simple, useful ways to improve your project management velocity.

    There are many different ways to put a project together and you will have many choices. Certified Project Managers running large organizational projects at global companies will need more time, scope and staff than you may need. Many of us in Learning and Development need a complementary but simpler approach. Each of us struggles with our own constraints and novices try to ignore changes, hoping they’ll go away. You will embrace the changes and work through them. Each project is unique, and each project comes with different problems, but a good project manager learns to expect the unexpected. Starting well with a simple Project Charter will help you greatly.
    Project Management is primarily about relationships and communication, and no tools alone can finish a project. Projects succeed or fail because of people.

    How to create performance-based learning objectives

    11:30 PM - 12:21 AM
    By Sarah Mercier

    Description: Creating learning objectives are often the most tedious and frustrating part of the instructional design process. Perhaps you have experienced one of the following in your career:

    • I work in an organization that requires us to write learning objectives based on a list of pre-established course topics.
    • My company makes us put our learning objectives on the second slide of every eLearning course.
    • We have to pick from a specific list of verbs to use in our learning objectives, and I have a really hard time figuring out what to use.
    • Someone on my team starts every objective with the word ‘understand’ and it drives me crazy.

    Do any of these quotes sound familiar? If so, this is the session for you. We will discuss why we need learning objectives, better approaches to writing them, and how to use them in your instructional design process. We will also refer to evidence-based research to inform what common learning objective practices should be avoided.

    22 September, 2020

    Welcome Address & Chief Guest Address

    11:00 AM - 11:33 AM
    By Amol Dethe, Dr MS Sahoo

    Keynote Address

    11:35 AM - 11:42 AM
    By Kannan Hariharan

    Panel Discussion on Drinking Water Supply and Distribution in India

    11:44 AM - 12:43 PM
    By Sanjay Bahl, Rikhil Shah, Govind Mundhra, Prashant Momaya, TV Mohandas Pai

    22 September, 2021

    Partner Enablement Excellence with Adobe Captivate Prime

    09:30 PM - 10:21 PM
    By John Casey

    The team from NVIDIA will cover the importance of narrative with complex topics, striking a balance between formal and informal education, and context can make learning fun.

    How to set up a customer education program with Adobe Captivate Prime

    10:30 PM - 11:21 PM
    By Neal Thurman

    The Brand Safety Institute has grown both the scope and reach of its offerings over the past year. Learn how Adobe Captivate Prime has supported BSI as it has transformed from being a single destination for training digital advertising professionals to a network of sites and companies supporting digital advertising professionals, members of trade associations around the globe, and independent content creators who depend on digital advertizers to monetize their creations.

    Developing the capabilities of your current and future workforce

    11:30 PM - 12:21 AM
    By Ollie Browning, Craig Hamill, Jamal Watkins

    In this session, Ollie Browning and Craig Hamill from Go1 discuss several ways to build scalable upskilling programs to increase your workforce’s current and future performance. They will focus on:

    • How L&D teams can utilise digital learning resources and integrations to scale effective learning programs
    • Deliver learning in the flow of work
    • Practical steps to choose the right technology for your L&D and business strategy
    23 September, 2021

    A Tour of Adobe Captivate Prime - Deliver world-class learning experiences

    12:30 AM - 01:21 AM
    By Dr. Allen Partridge

    Leverage digital learning as a customer acquisition strategy

    09:30 PM - 10:21 PM
    By Nicola Gane

    Cytiva launched its first customer facing, external course launched in June 2020. One year on, what are the key insights and learnings? We have proven that providing high-quality, easy-to-access, on-demand training is valued by our customers and potential customers. In this presentation, I will expand on these learnings and suggest areas where we can work with Adobe on further enhancements.

    • We see that our intended target market segments are the main consumers of the content.
    • We have acquired new contacts, and generated business opportunities.
    • We have launched additional functionalities such as certificates and integration with Marketo and we see opportunities for further platform enhancements.

    Learning Disrupted: prospects, resilience, and new mindsets for reskilling

    10:30 PM - 11:21 PM
    By Ashish Mathew Cherian, Sheila Jagannathan

    scale in a hybrid world

    This fire-side chat will explore the nexus between the future of work and future of learning and discuss how these big shifts are shaping learning in the 21st century, and share insights on the implications of these changes on the intelligent design, delivery, and evaluation of learning and knowledge sharing practices in a digital future ushered by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Join Sheila Jagannathan, Head of the World Bank’s Open Learning Campus discuss the role of learning as an accelerator for international development and highlight the application of technology frameworks and innovative pedagogies to nurture a culture of continuous skill building and drive agile learning transformation at scale.

    A practical guide to implement a “Headless LMS” using Adobe Captivate Prime APIs

    11:30 PM - 12:21 AM
    By Robert Porter, Jamal Watkins

    Headless LMS’ are helping organizations reach their learners in new ways. In this session, participants will understand how Adobe APIs are being used to create exciting learning environments that connect learners through new purpose-built experiences.
    24 September, 2021

    FirstService Residential University – A fun journey to build your own digital university with Adobe Captivate Prime

    12:30 AM - 01:21 AM
    By Maggie Smith

    Join FirstService Residential on an exclusive story around their migration to Adobe Captivate Prime. Shifting the mindset from a traditional compliance to a learning experience platform, FirstService Residential reimagines learning in a post-pandemic environment.
    In this session, you will:

    • Be provided with best practices around searching for and selecting a new LMS
    • Be privy to the planning and successful implementation of Adobe Captivate Prime
    • Be immersed in the creative mindset around user and learning experience

    22 September, 2021

    Keynote & what's new with Adobe Captivate, Adobe Captivate Prime & Adobe Connect

    08:30 PM - 09:24 PM
    By Dr. Pooja Jaisingh, Alistair Lee, Jamal Watkins, Dr. Allen Partridge, Ross Shafer

    23 September, 2021

    Keynote & What's new with Adobe Captivate, Adobe Captivate Prime & Adobe Connect

    08:30 PM - 09:24 PM
    By Ross Shafer, Dr. Pooja Jaisingh, Dr. Allen Partridge, Alistair Lee

    22 September, 2021

    Five secrets of stellar virtual events

    09:30 PM - 10:21 PM
    By Cynthia Clay

    Have you noticed that some online presenters facilitate their sessions with such passion and skill that it’s a pleasure to participate? You wouldn't think of multitasking because they command your attention and engage interest. They masterfully manage the web platform, create a powerful learning experience, keep it "up close and personal," and make it seem as if you are in a collaborative classroom. If you want to shine in the virtual classroom, then join Cynthia Clay, author of Great Webinars: Interactive Learning that is Captivating, Informative, and Fun in this engaging webinar. Learn the five secrets of masterful online training that can help you create stellar experiences for your audience.

    By the conclusion of this session, you will be able to:

    • Engage your participants by commanding their undivided attention
    • Apply the five secrets of stellar trainers to shine in the virtual classroom
    • Leverage energy and passion in online delivery

    Driving engagement for successful learning and retention

    10:30 PM - 11:21 PM
    By Bob Kennedy

    In this session, Bob will cover:

    1. Maximizing Adult Learning
    2. Engagement and learning retention in Andragogy
      • The value of engagement
      • Types of virtual engagement
      • Engagement impact on learning retention
    3. Andragogy Strategies for Learning Retention
    4. How Adobe Connect tools foster higher engagement
      • Integrating Adobe Connect features into microlearning
      • Structuring chats, polls, video, and small group discussion within Adobe Connect to facilitate higher learning retention

    Designing Virtual Experience workshop 1: Designing visually stunning virtual environments

    11:30 PM - 12:21 AM
    By Alistair Lee

    Join us to see what’s possible when you leverage the full range of capabilities in Adobe Connect.
    Participants will:

    • Learn how to create a reusable room template from an empty canvas, that is customized for their brand & style.
    • Set up an impressive lobby to begin their session with a bang.
    • Discover the power of all interaction - layouts, polls, custom pods & breakout activities to drive & monitor interactivity & engagement.
    • Get inspired with layout designs across multiple use cases including classrooms and webinars.

    23 September, 2021

    Supporting instructors to use Adobe Connect to teach effectively: Ontario’s experience

    12:30 AM - 01:21 AM
    By Charmaine Kissmann, Joni Sharkey

    Many of the issues that arose during the pandemic - low bandwidth, privacy issues, keeping learners’ attention – Contact North has been assisting instructors overcome for over a decade. As a shared service, Contact North has provided web conference virtual classrooms to Ontario’s colleges, universities, school boards, indigenous institutes and training providers for over 15 years, originally Saba Centra and Adobe Connect since 2018. At the onset of the pandemic, Contact North shifted from supporting a maximum of 400 concurrent users and 50-60 instructors to over 3,000 concurrent users and 500 faculty, overnight. The service we provide Ontario educational institutions includes: scheduling and enrolling students into their sessions, technical support for instructors and students and, perhaps most importantly, instructor training, support and resources by our team of eLearning specialists.

    In the shift to more online education, many educational practitioners are struggling to engage their students. Good teachers use visual cues, body language and eye contact to gage whether they are reaching their audience. While webcams can help for smaller classes, many describe the transition to teaching online as going into a classroom with a blindfold on. The advantage of the face-to-face classroom isn’t really about physical proximity, it’s about a controlled environment and sensory feedback.

    So how do you create an engaging experience without the tools you have learned to rely upon your whole professional life? Just as someone who loses their sight compensates by exploiting other senses, you discover other techniques that are just as effective as those you lost. Joni Sharkey, Contact North’s e-Learning Specialist, and Charmaine Kissmann, Director of IT at Contact North, will outline Contact North’s approach to training and supporting faculty, instructors and teachers across Ontario to leverage the tools and functionality of Adobe Connect to create truly engaging experiences – with or without the webcam. While Adobe Connect is a powerful platform, the transition from the traditional F2F classroom to teaching online is akin to learning a new language or learning to function after losing one of our five senses. Learning to teach online is more than just learning a new technology, it’s about creating a new paradigm and frame of reference which requires time, training, mentoring and support.

    In this workshop we will outline Contact North’s model of web conferencing as a shared service, how we quickly ramped up during the pandemic, the keys to success and some of the challenges, with a particular focus on the support provided to faculty. This session is particularly suited to influencers and thought leaders who are passionate about supporting faculty, instructors and teachers to embrace Adobe Connect as their undiscovered sixth sense to create a truly powerful and engaging learning experience for their students.

    Designing live virtual learning experiences to remember: Virtual event using templates

    09:30 PM - 10:21 PM
    By Jo Cook

    The design of your virtual classroom is the foundation to enabling the facilitator to create a great learning experience for your attendees. In this interactive webinar live online learning specialist Jo Cook is going to explore key design elements to help you with a digital first approach.
    Outcomes include:

    • Planning questions and compelling virtual content
    • Working with a producer or co-facilitator
    • How to provide technical support on your own
    • Designing slides differently for the virtual classroom
    • How often to interact with your attendees

    Designing Virtual Experience workshop 3: Designing collaborative experiences with breakout rooms

    10:30 PM - 11:21 PM
    By Alistair Lee

    Create collaborative activities and team exercises in Adobe Connect.
    Participants will:

    • Learn the best practices for planning, setting up, and facilitating group work virtually.
    • Customize breakout rooms & content synchronization.
    • Pick up strategies for moderating multiple breakouts & reviewing content with learners.
    • Learn to assign and manage the rights of participants in breakout rooms
    • Get the hang of using content from breakout rooms in the main session room.
    • Learn to manage audio and video in breakout rooms.

    Virtual Mixology: Combining active and passive tools for maximum learner engagement

    11:30 PM - 12:21 AM
    By Melissa Satterfield

    This session will show you how to effectively combine active virtual platform tools (like chat and polls) with passive tools (like content sharing and video streaming) to encourage simultaneous interaction from your learners. You’ll also learn when to strategically add the occasional splash of consecutive interaction to balance the blend of both physical and cognitive engagement. You’ll leave this session with a menu of tips, tricks, and creative “mixes” that will quench your learners’ thirst for engaging, interactive virtual learning experiences.

    24 September, 2021

    Advancing your virtual facilitation skills

    12:30 AM - 01:21 AM
    By Kassy LaBorie

    Virtual instructor led training is here to stay! It’s so normal to connect with participants (and family) using an internet connection and a webcam that it has now potentially become …boring. And boring can lead to complacent trainers and disengaged participants! So, what’s next? How can you take your virtual facilitation skills to the next level? What is the next level?
    Let’s discover and explore these ideas together and while we’re at it, we will:

    • Define advanced or next level virtual classroom training skills
    • Design learning activities that use more features than the webcam and chat
    • Use our voices to create an engaging and supportive learning environment
    • Debrief learning in ways that provoke reflection and application